Sleeping in wonderland


With heart in hand I squeeze with all my might
to get each drop of life, to write
the words that you now read,
the words that show I now concede,
I’m yours
and yours I long to stay
then another day
always staying true to
those three words
I Love You

Jan 15

"I learned to love without reservation; thus, I learned to live."

- Secreted Sins:  

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Jan 15


Lovely bones, with me you rode silently.
Beckoned the fire laced through my fingers
And parted your lips for my nimble tongue.
Under the moon, our hearts met delicately. 

Crawled your way into my beginning, you
Pressed your lips to my forehead, tenderly.
We were one, and I felt whole again, only
With you, I learnt the syllables of my name. 

I scratched each chant of, “I love you,” into
The skin of my breasts with my fingernails.
And with every breath I took, you followed
Until there was nothing left to take, spent. 

The first time my palms learnt the rhythm
Of your chest, the music that ran ever wild
I remember how your song quickened, lost
In a touch, as I wrote poetry along your ribs.

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Jan 15
First, We Kiss

When I see you I smile Your gazing into my eyes When you say hi I sigh in relief

When in each others presence Each word being said is like The melting of sugar so sweet Got me feeling .. I don’t want to wake up from this You got me hooked can’t break loose Am I dreaming?

It all started with this note This note starts … With emotional content Of what your words mean to me They blow me away And not only do they melt my heart they tear my soul apart Not only do u seduce me with words it also happens when you kiss And hold me I glow when you kiss me near my neck As if you were the vampire bringing me back to life

So tender of a kiss I can’t hold back from a craving as strong as this How I’m falling I’m falling for you But is this too fast will it last Probably not I’m only dreaming of what you wrote on this note

Jan 15
His notes


I am no longer sure
whether this is love
or compulsion

but thoughts of you bloom
whether I tend them or not.

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Jan 15
To her lost lover.


self isolation
obsessive situation
fleeting emotions
         lost in a sour mind
original thinking
        caught and confined

indecisive solutions
self persecution
give up control
     to a higher power
as logic fails
     in this desperate hour

deity intervention
logical circumvention
desire tears one’s mind apart
     isolation becomes futile
begging for mercy on hands and knees
         as infatuation is brutal

Jan 18
brutal infatuation

I know that you’ve been hurt I can tell by the way you carry yourself You wear your heart on your sleeves Vulnerable and defenseless Looking for someone to take care of you Here’s what I’ll do I’ll stay by your side No matter the challenges or obstacles we face Even if we fight there’s nothing that can tear you away from me

When were alone and were together nothing else matters You had me by hello and I had you by my smile This adventure of ours is worthwhile It seems everyone is telling me. Lies and not the truth There all trying to tear us apart because were both different Because your great looking I’m great looking too But just because we have great looks doesn’t mean what we have isn’t real That’s what others don’t know about you and I

Whatever this spark is between us I hope it never fades Thanks to your warm hugs and gentle hands and very soft kisses You are trapped in my mind As I am trapped by ur affectionate hands You’ve been misunderstood for so long I was sent here to listen, to be there for you When everyone has turned their backs on you

As you look into my eyes and I look into yours I’ll be by your side to make sure That this mutual feeling we both share will never dissappear I’ll take care of you so trust in me and you’ll see how wonderful love can be

Feb 11
Take care

The sun rises above the hillcrest As does the joy of my heart Rays of warmth and love From her I will never depart Fresh dew upon the grass, Young birds chirp in their nest I watch her gently sleep, My love to her I silently profess

I enjoy the stillness and calm, Watching as she smiles and dreams She brings me to stillness and peace Like that of slow flowing stream. My heart and soul flow with love, As I smile as I quietly reflect I’ve been handed a sweet princess A sweet princess to love and protect A vow to myself I make As she quietly sleep away To love and always cherish her, Until my last breath.. until my last day

Feb 14
A reflection of a beautiful morning